The Pursuit of Happiness 

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I’ve never been very contended of my appearance. I don’t really have any physical feature to be particularly proud of. I eat a lot and my body never ceases to hide that and always leaves it to me to remove the evidence. I’ve never been skinny and there are days when my body buldges out in places it shouldn’t. My body’s really good at storing fats in all the unwanted places and lacking in all the wanted ones. I have more bad hair days than i should and i’ve failed to recollect any memories of untangled hair. I don’t know, I might have as well forgotten the process of combing. And i’ve got height that makes me realize what a failure i was at acquiring genes. Also, i have a singing voice, only suitable for the background noise of a horror movie and probably would be scarier than the ghost. And to add the cherry on the cake, i have crooked teeth but never bothered with the braces. But nevertheless, i dress up as if ready for the kill. I laugh even at the badly worded sentences. I post pictures like i had mastered the right half of the Mona Lisa’s inimitable smile. 

And you know what the truth is? All my insecurities and precariousness vanishes in seconds because it never really mattered in the first place. I own my imperfections and wear them as badges. I use them as flashlights to look for my lost confidence in the dark. And i think that’s the way things should be.

Confidence should be built not from compliments but only from the happiness you feel from within.
P. S. – i still don’t sing, (of course) for the greater good. (being the nice person i am, you see)


55 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness 

  1. Gud 1 shuvi. Nd u r ri8 dat its not d looks dat should matter bt its d personality, d confidence dat we have in ourselves dat should matter. Nd u have both d looks nd d personality 2 feel proud about

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