A forever love. 

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The next time we meet I’d take your hand in mine. The warmth of your skin would reach to my frozen heart and it’d let go of the feelings buried deep in. I’d fix my eyes in yours as we’d both lose all tracks of time. In them, you’d see the picture of a younger, happier us and it’d kill something inside you but the part of you that brought you to me just to see how I was doing, just wouldn’t let you look away. 

You’d tell me tales from the places you’ve been and I’d abruptly forget about the world that exists beyond your fables. I’d show you the photographs I’ve been in over the time and you’d find it hard to keep yourself from asking me if you could keep those cherished pieces of paper. I’d show you the moves that I’ve learnt while you were away and we’d both wish we could dance into no music at all like the old times. 

You’d let me rest my head on your shoulder and I’d let you color my life in the hazel brown of your eyes. You’d roll your sleeves up high just to make sure I notice that newly shaped muscle that you worked so hard for. I’d put on a little extra lip color just to lure you in. You’d know of my little trick in the very first glimpse and your smile would give it away. I’d let my hair down and let my untidy curls flow because I’d know how your fingers would love to put the strands of my hair behind my ear while your eyes would playfully give away your intentions. You’d not bother to tidy your messed up hair just so I can louse it up one more time. I’d let your fingers to trace the lining of my skin and you’d force yourself to halt midway through.

So, the next time we meet, I’d let my eyes tell you what my heart dares not whisper. You’d read it in my eyes and return me a broken smile. It’d break my heart but I wouldn’t let you see. But you’d know anyway and would gladly ruin my lip color to make up for it. And in that moment, I’d feel a paradox of emotions throbbing in my tangled heart, for with a smile on my face and torment deep within, I’d wave you goodbye. 

(Until the next time?) 


22 thoughts on “A forever love. 

  1. As i say you always. Your write ups are just ❤ and this one is really ❤ i really enjoy reading your write ups. And this one was really good and appreciable. Keep up the good work sweety. And i love you 🌸😘

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  2. Your writings reflect that one wish which everyone has. The one which is most sought up to but can never be hold on to. You drill into people’s that part of feelings which they always avoid.
    Go on bestie… waiting for your next post😆😆😆😆😆

    Liked by 1 person

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