About him

​He was the kind of person you’d wish you knew,  the kind who feels like home from the very first time you meet him.

He had no desire to conquer the world nor did he ever fear oblivion. He was just like any other person submerged in the responsibilities of life, working hard to feed his family, to enable his children to stand on their feet, teach them about deeds and values (and maths). 
He did not do great things in life. Yet, he did the small things in great ways. He was a simple person walking the path of life. He walked, he ran, he flew and sometimes even stumbled but never even in the hardest of his times did he say no to a joke. Never did he cease a chance to make others happy (even if some of his jokes weren’t as funny as he thought they would be).  He loved food (genes : which have strongly flowed into both his seeds) and was extremely talented in mathematics (genes : he wished had flown into his seeds). 

Also, he loved words and he loved playing with them.  
Life never gave others a chance to appreciate this talent of his. Maybe death will! 
P. S.  – It’s my father’s birthday on 27th. We’re releasing a book of the poems that he wrote. They had asked me to write something about him and this is what i came up with. What do you guys think? 

Also, I just realized I haven’t been posting about anything but my father lately. Would probably have bored you guys. ( sorry?) 

Going back to posting only on weekends after this. 

Thank you. 


34 thoughts on “About him

  1. You didn’t really bored anyone of us. Your write ups are just ❤
    And your father is watching you every single second. And feeling proud of his daughter cause she’s really doing well. 😘
    So write more so that i can read understand?! 😁 ilysm 😘😘😘

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