Quotes Challenge 


I would like to thank all my friends (followers) for being in touch with me! I’m so glad to come across such new, interesting and talented people everyday through blogging and you people always have been very supportive.

I was nominated for the quotes challenge and i thank LazyHaze for that with all my heart. I was humbled. Do check out her blog guys, she’s really good and gives amazing feedbacks. 

Also, i’m very bad at picking people i like so much, so i further nominate everynone who’s reading this. 

I’ve always been the kind of person who loved words and was mesmerized by such deep meanings behind a group of a few letters. So yes, choosing favourite was difficult as much as it would be if you ask me my favourite book or a mother her favourite child. But anyway, i have managed to figure out three quotes i really really love. I hope you enjoy them and i hope they inspire you.

these lines fill me with power and hope and strenght. 

It’s amazing how four little words can make you feel so passionate, ain’t it? 

Could you agree any more? 


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