Star Gazers.

Why did i connect with this person so much? I could never figure. 
But in the wintry nights, we’d sit in the terrace in our worn out cozy pullovers, sneaking out at midnight just to gaze at the stars and dream out loud with eyes wide open. We’d exchange our playlists and listen to each others favourite tunes and love them as much, as the cold wind chilled our bones. I could see his fears out in the dark. I could feel his pain of always being second guessed. I could contemplate his insecurities in letting in, his struggles in holding on and his torment in letting go. And when I’d look into his eyes,  I could see all the broken dreams that once lit them as clear as the sky above us. I could feel his heartaches and serendipity all at once. His distraughted yet innocent gaze filled me with amenity and that, in some mystical way took the edge off my agitated self, everytime. Like I had known him all my life. Like he was familiar with all the different colors my heart beaten for. 
Those were the nights I realized how you always need such souls whose broken pieces look like yours. You don’t have to romanticize it. Really. You don’t have to anything it. You just have to find them and once you do, you’re sorted for life. 


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