Threads of love – Part 1

​It was a beautiful day. All sunny, no clouds. The kind you’d want for a picnic. It was alluring all around. I was sitting on an isolated bench at the far end of a grand park. I could hear the children playing at some distance and their chipper and ecstatic shouts mixed with air of their innocence. I closed my eyes to take it all in. And when I opened them, I found my head resting on someone’s arm, muscular and familiar. His hand was holding mine. I looked up to find his brown, dreamy eyes looking straight into mine. He was in his favourite maroon tee shirt and worn out jeans and all messy hair. He gave me my favourite half smirk, something that has been able to make me weak on my knees since day one.

There he was, the love of my life, all mine.

Our faces were inches apart and our worlds were intertwined into one.

“I love you”, he said in a beautiful but echo-ey voice.

“I love you more”, I heard myself reply.

He licked his already wet lips and I knew what the next thing would be. I tilted my head a little to the side and in that moment of euphoria I closed my eyes to feel his soft lips caressing mine. Nothing in the world ever had felt so magical.


Unanticipated, I could feel someone pulling me….

Pulling me way too hard….

Pulling me away from him….


When I opened my eyes again it was dark and gloomy, eerie even. I was no longer in the beautiful green park with the children playing around. I was in a sombre and deserted land.

Annie was standing right in front of me, agitated and high-strung.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing? That guy is nothing but trouble. I asked you to stay away from him, Serena” she said, very slowly. Her voice, too, was echo-ey.


And then suddenly at her back, I saw him. But he was no longer the guy who was the reason for all my smiles. He, now, had huge bloodshot eyes. He wore an expression that could scare the life out of little girls. He had a knife in his hand, so sharp that the shine from its edges was blinding me. He held it towards her.


I wanted to warn her, make her run away. But I couldn’t find my voice. I was so impotent. I could see him advancing towards her with the knife. His intentions were sinister, I could see it in his eyes, but she had no idea. She was looking at me with concerned eyes and unmingled heart.


“Look behind you, Annie. He’s going to hurt you”, I wanted to scream on top of my lungs.

I saw him getting hold of her, his hand on her mouth, keeping her from screaming.

I wanted to move, push that monster away from her, but I could no longer feel my legs.

He held her tight. She was struggling with his grip. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Your best friend dies today, but you are gonna have to die every single day”

P. S-It is another story which I will be posting a part every week. This story was originally published in an e magazine called Guwahatian. 

I hope you guys enjoy it and wait for the next part. Also, let me know what you think. 


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