Sometimes, i want to run away from the one place that has safeguarded me all my life. This one place that fed me. Shielded me on stormy nights, warded off all the evil of the world and fortified me since i was little. It’s solacing walls know of my heart wrenching tales. It’s metal bars feel algid under my bare skin and yet it fills my heart with invigorating warmth. 
This place is bliss, this place is home. And yet i’d love nothing more than it’s open doors and an flight to the unknown.

I want to break free, to move away, to wander off to many different places to know thier many different stories and also make some along the way. I want to spread my wings and kiss the summer sky and drench them when the heavens cry. I want to drown myself in the colors that the sky pukes at dusk and at dawn. I want to dive like the ravens on lands too feared to be travelled by. I want to combat the howling winds as well as duel the dark skies. 

I’m held back by love, by the fear of losing the ones i call mine. I’ve failed at all my attempts to solve this puzzle and yet have not succeeded to put it aside. 

I now know, it’s a matter of time, when my heart takes over my mind and leave this all behind. 

P. S-A new story, coming up!! It’ll be published in an e magazine,i’ll post the link. (who’s excited?) 


27 thoughts on “Caged. 

      1. According to me, it is the lack of courage that holds us. Family and love are really important, but they always encourage us, and fear of loosing our loved ones is with you every where, at home and outside home..

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      2. It’s not easy to leave what we love behind and nobody would want their loved ones to seek the dangers that our heart very often desires. And about courage? Refer to my last lines. It is not just in ones head.

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  1. Your improvement is being reflected in every other article.
    Keep on posting…everyone keeps on waiting eagerly for your next blog. Your writings touch oneself deeply

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