​We are all constellations of the moments we’ve been in. Moments, that have been lived, revisited and cherished. Moments that amass to be the stories of our lives. 
We live in pieces, in search of good times, looking for words to fill up the folios of our book. 
So, when these moments really come to us, don’t think it through. When you have a feeling that it’s gonna be great, you don’t have to take a while, you don’t have to hesitate, just defy your instincts and forget about the aftermath. Don’t wreck your brain out thinking about it.

Image source : Pinterest 
Just go with it. Take it all in. Take everything…every freaking feeling those moments give. Let them get under your skin and chill you to your bones. Let them savour your heart and your soul. Let them get the best of you. 
For, those are the moments that are truly yours. Those are the moments that you’re gonna wanna relive when you’re 90. And when you’ll be finally closing your eyes, those moments will come to you like the unfolding stories of the Universe, fliping in, one at a time, in black and white,  like the slides of a 90s movie. And in that moment you’ll realise how you did life right. 
P. S – Breaking my ‘only weekend’ strategy, only for this once.  (Lucky you :P) 

Lots of love. Subhalakshmi AKA Barbie. 


17 thoughts on “Moments. 

  1. Another beautiful writing…evrytym i read ur writings..i feel it to d fullest..i feel so touched..nd dat is probably d greatest achievment u can ever get…to make others feel ur heart!!

    Shuvi just wanna say that…I LOVE U..Really…m glad to have a frnd lyk u…u be my all tym support nd laughter partner..i miss those days a lot!! Us being together nd cracking all those stupid silly yet sarcastic jokes..

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