Lost Love? 

​” Do you love her? ” she asked. And deep down she knew her heart would sink at his reply. 

” Yes ” he said.

And the way she faked a smile told him maybe…maybe he was wrong thinking he had hurt her the most when he abandoned her. 

He was contrite. He didn’t want to do what he had been doing all his life, put her through more pain. 

” I miss you” he said, in a failed attempt to make her smile.
She didn’t reply. She didn’t even look at him. She kept her gaze fixed in the tiny water droplets from the sky kissing the glass window pane of the tiny cafe that felt cozy in the chilly December morning.

He remembered how ecstatic she had once been, when it had all started, five years back. When everything he did only made her smile. She used to be such a baby, not a touch of grodiness in her shipshape soul. 

He stole a glimpse of her.
Yes. She was still beautiful. But now, she’s more of a broken beauty. And it did kill him knowing he’s the reason for this turnover. 

” Look at me ”
He could see her pulling in the pool of tears that blurred her vision. 

She finally looked at him in the eyes, pulling herself together, she said, ” Look, just go!  Go to her and live happily ever after. I don’t care. Do you get that? I don’t care for you at all. ”
She stormed out of the tiny cafe door, wondering if this is how not caring felt like. She walked in the pouring rain, letting the unwelcomed tears flow. 

There were hardly a few people on the street. On any other day, she wouldn’t even call someone out loud in public. But today was different. Today, she didn’t care. She just had to let it all out, do what she wanted to do since her eyes met his in that tiny coffee shop, in a city, miles away from home. 
She stood in a corner, where rain could still reach her. She put her hands on her face and cryed. And when she opened her eyes again, he was there, right in front of her, all drenched in rain. The water, dripped from his already messed hair. She didn’t have to differ the tears from the raindrops to know he had been crying too.
Without wasting another moment he grabbed her, wrapped his arms around her waist, pulled her towards him and planted his lips on hers and kissed her. 

And that moment was kind of a time travelling to “their” days. 

She kissed him back, with all that she had. But she knew she couldn’t change her mind. She had to leave. And only haven knew how bad she wished for the clock to stop ticking.
She savaged the feeling of his lips on hers, for the very last time, pulled back and looked him in the eyes. 
” I love you ”

Then she ran away.

He wanted to stop her from running away and make her run to him instead. He wanted to tell her the same. But he was too messed up to follow her again and so he let her go. 
The two lovers never crossed each others paths again, ever. 

P. S-not a fan of happy endings. 

Let me know how it was. Feedbacks and follows are always welcome.

Also, I’m thinking of posting long stories as a series. Please let me know how the idea is. I won’t go ahead without your approval.


35 thoughts on “Lost Love? 

  1. Lovely story☺️👍👍 And I am saying that despite being an ardent fan of happy endings 🙈 (So I’m going to continue the story in my head where they do meet 😂)

    Anyways, I think you should go ahead with a series form of a story. But not more than 3 parts, frankly because I don’t have the patience and also my memory is not as great when it comes to stories. So before I forget, I need to complete reading it entirely 😂😜 Hope my thoughts helped, if not just ignore my silly blah blah. 😉👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like the way you portray the feeling of deep agony and longing in your protagonist. She loves him, but has no other option than to run, she knows it, but her heart and soul are crying out in despair. It really pulls on the heartstrings.


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