Grim Reaper.

​I’ve been told about this day by many, solely for the purpose of making it cogent. I’ve been divulged of this predicament in details…. It’s doings and dealings and aftermath and fallout. Everything I would endure and everything I should. I’ve been warned since long about this baleful epoch. 

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Yet, I sit here, beside you, rapting how these little seconds,  as they’re passing by, are taking away with them, my fool’s Paradise, making me realise how no amount of forewarning could have smoothened my way through this torment. 

I sit here beside you and watch the vital spark parting ways with you, ebbing the colors out of your cogenial soul reprehending my believe in miracles. 

I sit here beside you holding your cold pale hands in mine as you mumble something beyond comprehension apprising of the pain beyond your wildest dreams. Engrossing in the way you’re about to leave us, I realised how little time I got to spend with you. Knowing all of your deluxe personality in just sixteen years was like snowball’s chance in hell. 

So I sit here helplessly as the gory cancer throttled the life out of your body,  little at a time, worsening the suffering and making me question the ways of the universe and how it can ever, let alone make a man of no harm go through unjust suffering but also make his daughter watch?!! 

P. S. – I’m sorry,  I wasn’t able to post for so long. Things are hard over here.  I started writing this piece long ago but could only complete it after I was assured that my Father, now, is free of pain. 


17 thoughts on “Grim Reaper.

  1. M really speechless..dis little princess writing dis story is a brave girl with lots of sufferance but she is still breathing…nothing can really be more beautiful dan being able to make others feel wat u r going through ri8 now…with d power of ur pen!!

    M really sorry for what happened..but m so sure dat ur dad’s soul is always gonna be satisfied nd sooooo proud of being such a lucky father…nd also of dis beautiful nd admirable future writer….

    Love u shuvi…loads nd loads of happiness 🙂

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  2. All i can say is my beautiful friend is a very strong girl. And that’s why i love you :’)
    Never change yourself stay like this 🙂
    And yeah this was really something i can’t express. But i must say you have got a strong soul and a strong mindset. And yeah this friend will be always by your side 🙂

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  3. So i was going to assume that this was some work of fiction and the “I” you used was just there but then i read your end note and i’m so sorry. i can’t believe i came here to be entertained and now i don’t even know what i’m writing here.
    i wish you better times are hard now and no one is going to fault you for not posting for a few seconds -or for anything, really.
    just take care of yourself and i hope your life brings you so much happiness that you learn to deal with this.
    I will go ahead and stop rambling now.

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