Dark Nights

In the dark nights of the soul, amid the forlorn of my room, and the dusk of my euphoria, i find myself devastated. So broken and so empty that it seems my life is going nowhere. So tired and exhausted inside that i wouldn’t mind never being found.


All by myself, I sit on my bedroom floor by the fireplace and watch the yellow flames dance in a rhythm unknown to the heart, as they make their way into consuming everything they danced upon. I hug my knees to the chest and wish to get consumed as I think about everything that went wrong in my life, everything I could have said, everybody that could have stayed. I beset myself for the wrongs that I brushed off during the day, forgiving myself.

Once in every blue moon, I succumb to the darkness within me. Let it eat me up, bit by bit. I let them take me to the shadows, to my fears, where my denied demons still exist. I let the bad defeat the good, while I look at them battle to win over me with nothing but a blank look and an empty heart.

And it is the story of those nights that i realize that there are times when a girl like me needs saving too.

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29 thoughts on “Dark Nights

  1. Shuvi…u r my new favourite writer…words arent enough to describe what m feeling write now after reading dis…
    Really looking forward girl for ur next writing…
    Luv u loads shuvi…

    Liked by 1 person

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