Life has it all balanced

She knew life had more to offer than the sorrows and dark clouds. She knew life had more to give than just tears and empty hearts.

She knew life had hearts and flowers too. She knew the sun would shine bright the next day and that life had new beginings and second chances too.

She knew that’s how life had it all balanced.


But there was something magical about her. She cherished life in everyway,  let it shape her the way she’s destined to. She didn’t just live the happy days and wait for them when they’re gone. She lived the bad ones too, making herself stronger, never, once, giving up or losing hope.

And that’s how you know she’s special, when she loves the roses as well as the thrones.

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.~ Subhalakshmi~


13 thoughts on “Life has it all balanced

  1. Nope, I have not mistaken commenting on your work. I really enjoy reading your posts! I think they are deep and mean something big. This post was also very touching to me. The way that you describe this special girl is amazing.

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  2. Lovely post — I like how the girl loves the good days and the bad. Often I’ve found that the good days aren’t as special when you don’t have bad times to compare them with. They go hand in hand.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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